When is a Bag More Than Just a Bag? Hand Woven Bags from ZINK

Handbags are one of those things that you can never really have too many of.  You can have different ones depending on the season, the outfit, the occasion.  Handbags make you feel good.  They come in a variety of colors and designs and you don’t need to worry about the size because they always fit!  So when is a handbag more than just a handbag?  When it helps others!  How, you ask?  Well let me tell you by introducing ZINK.  Zink is a company that creates handbags and wraps that are all vegan and helps people in developing countries by providing the artisans that they work with support through such things as:

  • micro loans
  • safe and healthy working environments
  • mother and child healthcare assistance
  • shelter in order to support any of the women who had to leave a violent situation
  • free psychological and legal support if needed
  • free literacy lessons

ZINK recently launched a handmade fair-trade jute collection that is 100% sustainable and 100% vegan.  The organization that ZINK partners with on this collection teaches women in South Asia how to weave jute and also helps them to run their own micro business.

At ZINK, we believe that quality of life is a human right. That’s why we have partnered with an NGO (non-government organization) in South Asia to ensure that every bag in our Jute Collection is made responsibly. Dedicated to a just and poverty-free world, our partner promotes local leadership and entrepreneurship among women artisans to establish a sustainable economy and nourish a self-reliant and gender-balanced society.

Pretty amazing, right?!  Now let me show you some of these special bags!

The Flaneur Jute Tote is a real standout with its gorgeous orange multi-stripe pattern that can be a be worn as an interesting neutral.  With a canvas lining and interior pockets, this bag would be great for the beach or any summer outing.

Flaneur Jute Tote

I am a big fan of Ikat anything, so when I saw the Simple Jute Tote in blue Ikat, I was sold. This tote has a larger body so you can really fit a lot into it and with short sturdy handles, you can tote around heavy things as well, so go ahead, fill er up!

Simple Jute Tote in Blue Ikat

You all know how I feel about anything that is black, well throw in a zigzag pattern and well now ya got me.  Check out the in this rad zig zag pattern.  The black and natural make it the perfect go to accessory for every outfit.  Honestly, I like this pattern so much I think I want it in pillows, and maybe a chair….what else?

Simple Jute Tote in Zigzag

Another awesome thing about ZINK is that they provide support for the famers that grow the jute used in their bags.  Their partner jute farmers receive:

  • fair prices for crops
  • transparent and clear pricing
  • small business and management training
  • education on technical knowledge and harvesting of jute
  • high quality seeds

So much good going on here people.  There are more bag designs and patterns available on the ZINK site, in addition to other vegan leather/cork and hand beaded handbags.  So what are you waiting for?  Summer is half way over!  Go check out ZINK, buy a great jute bag for your beach adventures and do some good by supporting artisans and farmers in South Asia.

Images source and credit for all images: ZINK