My Paper Tote

When you think of something made of paper, you don’t necessarily think of something strong and durable, right?  Well, think again.  Let me introduce you to My Paper Tote, a company that makes chic, durable and fashionable bags out of…paper!  According to Chloe, the founder of My Paper Tote,

(o)ur bags are tear resistant, reusable, washable and beautifully crafted from strong paper in a modern and functional way. It can be hard to choose a bag for every day with so many options out there.  Our go to material is more often than not leather, chosen for it’s strength and looks, but this often gives us a heavy bag with the unfriendly environmental issues associated with the material. The paper we use is strong and flexible which makes it a rival to leather in feel, look and durability. All of our bags are created with daily life in mind.

My Paper Tote comes in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes.  The Matte Paper Tote is a chic white tote with black handles that will quickly become a new wardrobe staple.

Matte Paper Tote

Now if you know me, you know that I am a big fan of anything metallic.  Like a moth to a flame, show me something shiny and I’m hooked.  My Paper Tote has a fabulous selection of metallic totes including the Metallic Paper Tote in Silver,  Metallic Paper Tote in Rose Gold and the Mini Paper Tote in Rose Gold.   Check em out.


Metallic Paper Tote in Silver


Metallic Paper Tote in Rose Gold


Mini Paper Tote in Rose Gold


In addition to the variety of fashionable totes, My Paper Tote also makes accessories from paper including the Paper Pouch and the Paper Purse both show below.


The Paper Pouch


The Paper Purse


Word on the street is that they also have a metallic backpack in the works!  Can’t wait to check it out.  Kudos to My Paper Tote for making us look at paper in a whole new light.  Who knew how fashionable paper could be?

All Images Source and Credit: My Paper Tote