It’s the Bomb

The satin bomber is big this spring and I, for one, am a fan.  I like the juxtaposition between sweet and bad ass that you get with this shiny jacket and it brings back memories of the original Grease movie and roller skating in my friend’s basement to the Xanadu soundtrack…and there I go dating myself again. Let’s move on.

There are a lot of variations of the satin bomber out there so I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite vegan options that I’d like to share with you.

This first one is the Reversible Bomber Jacket from ZARA.  I love the fact that this is two jackets in one and both are fabulous.  The one side is more subdued while the other has embroidery detail on the chest and back that make it extra special.

Reversible Bomber Jacket from Zara – one side
Reversible Bomber Jacket from Zara – other side

Image Source and Credit: ZARA

For a more traditional classic bomber, ASOS has this cool Reclaimed Vintage MA1 Bomber Jacket.  This jacket is part of ASOS’s Reclaimed Vintage line which is a limited-edition collection made from vintage fabrics and up-cycled original vintage pieces.

Reclaimed Vintage MA1 Bomber Jacket from ASOS

Image Source and Credit: ASOS

TOPSHOP has a few versions that I just love.  The unique color combination of the Pink Camo MA1 Bomber Jacket gives this jacket nice feminine twist and an air of high fashion.

Pink Camo MA1 Bomber Jacket from TOPSHOP

Image Source and Credit: TOPSHOP

If you are looking for something with a bit more of a sporty flair, the Premium Sporty Sateen Bomber from TOPSHOP is for you.  Super shiny silver with white satin accents, this bomber jacket is athleisure at its finest.

Premium Sporty Sateen Bomber from TOPSHOP

Image Source and Credit: TOPSHOP

So whether you wear your new satin bomber paired with a chic maxi dress out to drinks with friends or your favorite short shorts while at your local roller rink, either way I am certain you will rock it out…hopefully not to the Xanadu soundtrack, though it is actually quite catchy.