Live the Give – Wardrobe Essentials Empowering Children Through Education

So, I like fashion, but I also like comfort.  Give me something that is fashionable and comfortable?  I’m sold.  Now if you throw in a company that supports a good cause, well jeez, I really have to check em out.  Let me introduce you to Live the Give.

This organization’s mission is both simple and powerful;

We aim to equip every child around the world with a quality education. Our founder’s work as an elementary school teacher gave her firsthand understanding of the immense impact that an education can have on the life of a child. Her passion, awakened and informed by her experience in the classroom, is to empower children around the world with the knowledge and skills that will unlock a brighter future for them, their country and the world.

So how do they do that you ask?  Well, the amazing folks at Live the Give sell super comfy, lightweight all vegan t-shirts and sweatshirts and then donate $3 of each purchase toward funding global education initiatives. I firmly believe that everyone should have equal access to a quality education, so this really hit home with me.

I was lucky enough to get to pick out any item that I wanted to sample from Live the Give’s inventory.  I decided on the Wide Neck Sweatshirt in grey acid wash (shown below).

Wide Neck Sweatshirt in Grey Acid Wash – Front
Wide Neck Sweatshirt in Grey Acid Wash – Back

I don’t know how to accurately describe to you how incredibly soft this sweatshirt is.  It’s like they took fluffy clouds and mixed them with puppy breath and kitten purrs and came up with this ultra-soft sweatshirt.  Can you tell I’m a fan?

I also really love the cut and design of this sweatshirt.  The wide neck gives it a cool slouchy look and the waist band is nice and wide and not too tight so it hangs just right.  It’s definitely not your average sweatshirt.  The distressed look of the grey acid wash is right up my alley, but I also like the other colors offered; black, white and light grey marble (shown below).

Wide Neck Sweatshirt in Black
Wide Neck Sweatshirt in White
Wide Neck Sweatshirt in Light Grey Marble

Live the Give offers several other items including tank tops and short and long sleeved t-shirts for both men and women.  All of these pieces will make a great addition to any wardrobe as they are super comfortable, versatile and affordable.  So go and pick up a piece or two and help support a worthy cause.