Bring the Noize! – More Vegan Winter Jackets

Here in Philadelphia the weather has kind of been all over the place(hello….global warming), but that being said, it is still winter here in the Northeast so I’m certain that there will be more cold days ahead of us and you know how I feel about cold weather fashion!.   There is no reason to give up style to stay warm….you can have both!  So now let me introduce you to NOIZE, a PETA approved brand designed in Montreal, Canada.

NOIZE was founded in 1978 (why has it taken me so long to find you, NOIZE?), and is committed to making fashionable outerwear with a focus on high-quality faux fur and vegan leather accents. The good people at NOIZE are driven by compassion to do what they do.  According to their website,

(e)ach year, over 50 million animals are violently killed for their fur. With the technology we currently have available at our fingertips, the burden of choosing between style and ethics is no longer an issue. NOIZE has the ability to mimic haute couture trends without any cruelty making it easy to stay warm, elegant and compassionate.

Don’t you just love it when a company gets it?  Yeah, me too.  So how about them coats?  Let me show you my favorites.

The Maple Bomber is a great sporty jacket that will keep you nice and toasty while still looking cool.  I love that the hood and faux fur trim are both detachable so you can change-up the look of this jacked.  For extra warmth the Maple Bomber features an interior fuller, knit rib cuffs and bottom hem.

Maple Bomber in Grey – front
Maple Bomber in grey – back

Need a bit more coverage?  No worries, NOIZE has the Hannah Mid-Length Quilted Parka.  I don’t know about you but a lot of times I put on a parka and I look like the Michelin man.  Not flattering at all.  The Hannah is super warm and super flattering.  It has all of the benefits of a quilted parka with none of the bulk.

Hannah Mid-Length Quilter Parka in forest green

So I’m that person who looks at a white winter coat and sighs….because I wish that I could wear one but realize that any attempt to would be completely futile.  I am in no way able to keep a white coat clean…no way.  Impossible.  However, I always appreciate how chic a white winter coat looks, like the Val Parka.  This parka comes with an interior waist drawstring so you can accent your figure with a cinched waist.  Nice touch.  I also really like the contrast of the black faux fur hood, black cuffs and black buttons against this white coat.  Someone please buy this so I can live vicariously through you. 🙂

Val Parka in white

NOIZE also carries a wide variety of men’s winter outerwear.  Currently NOIZE is at the end of their 2017 winter season so the good news is, everything is on sale!  Unfortunately the bad news is that many of the men’s styles are sold out…sorry guys!  But hey, there is always next winter…right?!

Images Source and Credit: NOIZE

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