Hurtig Lane – Minimalist Vegan Watches

Minimalist and vegan…two of my favorite things when it comes to fashion and this is exactly what words best describe  Hurtig Lane, maker of beautiful, cruelty-free watches. This Barcelona, Spain based company not only makes high quality watches, they also put their commitment to veganism front and center as all of their watches and watch bands are 100% vegan.  But wait…the amazing folks at Hurtig Lane take it one step further.  According to their web site,

You will also notice when browsing our lookbooks on Instagram and Pinterest that we only use vegan friendly products in our pictures. This means, jackets, Bags, covers, cases etc, if it looks leather, we can assure you it will be synthetic.  Even cosmetics pictured or worn will be checked for animal testing before being used in our Fashion ideas photos.

How great is that!?  The good news is, their watches are just as fabulous as their mission.  Hurtig Lane makes both men’s and women’s watches and I am definitely eyeing a few styles to add to my collection.  Check em out below.

First up is the Moderno Women’s Tweed White/Grey.  This sleek watch has a bright white face with the special added touch of tiny turquois blue dots at 3, 6, 9 and 12.  Paired with a vegan leather and grey tweed band, I could see this being one of my cold-weather wardrobe staples.

Moderno Women’s Tweed in White/Grey


I usually wear silver, but do like to switch it up at times and wear gold depending on my outfit.  The Montezuma Women’s Rose/Gold/Peach would be perfect for those times as it is the perfect blend of warm neutrals and the black face really makes it pop.

Montezuma Women’s Rose/Gold/Peach


Hurtig Lane also offers a selection of watch band so you can change up your look with the simple switch of a band without having to buy a brand new watch.

Gift giving season is just around the corner, so if you are in the market for a great, cruelty-free gift, make sure to check out Hurtig Lane!


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