Meer Clothing’s Corkana Collection

I am all about letting people know about up and coming vegan brands.  Especially those that may need some help in bringing their products to market.  Let me introduce to you the Corkana Collection by Meer.

Meer is a German-American eco fashion label based in Valencia, Spain, that has created an innovative & artistic collection of robust yet biodegradable, vegan backpacks, handbags and accessories. The Corkana Collection is exclusively crafted using CorkanaTEX™, biodegradable cork bark leather, and the most luxurious, high-quality natural materials – inside and out.

CorkanaTEX™ is the first truly sustainable cork bark textile, which, unlike any other cork textile, is created using 100% biodegradable components & natural dyes and is free from artificial fillers, acrylics, polyesters, silicones or hazardous chemicals.

Not only are these bags ecofriendly, they are also really good looking.  Below are some of my favorites from the Corkana Collection.

Budapest Messenger Bag
Valencia Bag
Lenca Handbag

Meer has a Kickstarter campaign where they are looking for funding to bring these beautiful bags to the public.  They are pretty close to their goal so let’s help them get over the hump!

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