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A few weeks back I introduced you to my favorite vegan deodorant, Meow Meow Tweet.  I have found that for me, this deodorant doesn’t irritate my skin and keeps me smelling great all day long, so I love it!  But then I got to thinking that maybe you all, my fabulous vegan readers, may want a larger selection of vegan deodorants from which to choose.  So, let me introduce to you a very through review of a variety of natural deodorants brought to you by conducted a pretty extensive review on 25 natural deodorants and came up with a list of their top six.  One thing to note, although all of the deodorants recommended are considered natural, they are not all vegan.  Fatco Women’s Stank Stop contains beef tallow and Agent Nateur and Shiva Rose Holi (Rose) Deodorant contains bee’s wax, so please consider that when reading the reviews.  That being said, I thought that this review was still worth mentioning as they tested a lot of vegan deodorants, many that I had not heard of before.

Do you have a favorite vegan deodorant that isn’t mentioned here?  Please, do share!  I mean heck, wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all smelled good and did it in a cruelty free way?

4 thoughts on “More Vegan Deodorants on

  1. The ones I use are Schmidt’s and Blissoma. MMT didn’t do it for me. My runners up were Northcoast Organics Death by Lavendar, Soapwalla and I really liked Routine but I can’t justify spending that much on deodorant. Primal Pit Paste was also a meh for me and Lavanilla doesn’t work at all on me.


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