The Vegan Tie – Desideratum Cravatte

When I am shopping for clothing or shoes, I usually look for three things; good-looking, high-quality, vegan. I also like a bargain, but I am willing to pay a few extra dollars for quality, vegan fashion. Recently I was out shopping for a tie for my husband and I kept falling short of my fashion “must-haves” trifecta. I would find a beautiful, high-quality tie…made from silk…or a good-looking vegan tie that you could tell was just not made well. Lucky for me, I was recently contacted by Desideratum Cravatte, a company that makes…you guessed it…good-looking, high-quality, vegan ties!  Woohoo!

Handmade in Spain, Desideratum Cravatte ties are made from 100% Italian microfiber fabric with a nod to patterns that are classic and timeless without being boring.  They want to bring animal friendly ties to the consumer that are high quality but reasonably priced.

In addition to being animal friendly, Desideratum Cravatte works to ensure that they are producing their ties in factories where workers’ rights are respected and that they have fair and safe working conditions.  They also have an eye out for the environment by using paper and cardboard that is 100% recyclable that comes from certified sustainable forests.  If all this isn’t enough, the generous folks at Desideratum Cravatte commit to putting their money where their mouth is by donating one euro from the sale of each tie to a non-profit organization working to defend those who need it most.

The word Desideratum means something that you need or want..a must-have.  When you check out their ties, I think that you will find that their name is particularly fitting.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Another distinguishing element that makes their ties unique is the incorporation of three buttonholes on the back of the tie (see photo below).  This allows you to button the tie to the shirt, preventing the tie from moving about.

So next time you need to buy a tie, head on over to Desideratum Cravatte and check out their beautiful selection of all vegan ties.

Images Source and Credit: Desideratum Cravatte

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