My New Favorite Lipstick – Root

I have a love hate relationship with lipstick.  I love how it looks, but I hate how it wears.  I find that my lipstick either wears off immediately or, adheres to my lips like glue and I have to use serious elbow grease to get it off.  So, needless to say, I am always on the hunt for the perfect lipstick.  One that has great color, stays on, is moisturizing, isn’t impossible to remove, and is cruelty free….of course!  Well I am happy to report that I have found my new favorite lipstick!  Let me introduce you to Root.

Based in Waverly, Iowa, Root is a 100% cruelty free company that was founded in 2013 on the belief that

…what you put on your face should be natural, safe & enhance your beauty at a price anyone can afford.

All Root products are vegan and gluten free.  They offer a full line of natural makeup, skin care, hair care, body care & even non-toxic cleaning products.

This all sounds great, right?  Now the real test is how do these products look and perform?  I tried two products, the Vegan Shea Butter Lipstick and the Pretty Balm.

Let’s start with the Vegan Shea Butter Lipstick.  I got the color Jenny.

Vegan Shea Butter Lipstick in Jenny

Jenny is a great everyday wine/red color.  The thing I like most about this lipstick is that it is super moisturizing and it says on really well.  I put it on this morning and it still looks great after drinking a smoothie and a cup of coffee.  While it doesn’t say on 24/7, it actually looks good as it wears off, so you don’t have one of those moments when you go to the bathroom after lunch and notice that your lipstick is 1/2 on and 1/2 off and you look ridiculous….not like that’s ever happened to me.

Also, if you are over 40, like me, you may have noticed that lipstick starts to feather into those tiny lines around your lips…ah yes, the pleasures of aging. Well, good news!  This lipstick doesn’t do that!  I can apply it without a liner and it says on my lips…no bleeding!  Woohoo!

I also decided to get the Pretty Balm in Mila because I wanted something a little lighter for more casual days.

Pretty Balm in Mila

I know from the picture it looks like the color is really dark.  It’s actually not.  It goes on somewhat sheer and then you can layer it to add more color.  I like wearing it a bit shear as it adds a nice boost to my natural lip color.  Just like the Vegan Shea Butter Lipstick, the Pretty Balm is super moisturizing.

So as you can see, I’m a big fan of the Root brand lipstick and balm.  I liked them so much that I’ve already ordered two more lipsticks and one more balm!  At $16 (lipstick) and $8 (balm), I just couldn’t resist.  I am definitely going to venture into testing out some of their other items.  I’ve already got my eye on their Candy Moisture Whip Vegan Body Cream.

All Images Source and Credit: Root


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