All the Vegan Bags at Beyond Bags!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a website that was dedicated to only handbags and carried a variety of styles from different designers that were all vegan?  Well friends, there is.  Let me introduce you to Beyond Bags, a PETA approved vegan retailer.  This amazing site features all vegan handbags from several different high quality vegan handbag designers.

The thing that I like the most about Beyond Bags, besides their HUGE assortment of fabulous vegan handbags, is their commitment to ending animal cruelty in fashion.  The founder had struggled to find high quality vegan merchandise so in 2016 decided to create Beyond Bags in an effort to address

…the needs of vegan consumers that are poorly served by the traditional bags and accessories marketplace.

If you peruse their website, you will find a lot more than just bags.  They have a ton of information about leather and the many reasons it should be avoided at all costs.  They also have a page that provides detailed descriptions about many of the alternative materials that are used in making the vegan bags that they carry.  I would definitely recommend this site to people who are new to vegan fashion as it is a great resource.

Now how about I show you some bags?   Beyond Bags literally has tons of bags, so I’ve picked out a few of my favorites just to give you a little taste of the vegan handbag fabulousness that they’ve got goin’ on.

From the Faux Exotic Collection the Faux Croc Large Handbag in Bark is swoon-worthy.  Made in Poland by Alexandra K, this is a classic handbag that will never go out of style.

Faux Croc Large Handbag in Bark by Alexandra K

Everyone loves a good clutch, don’t they?  Well I sure do, and this Faux Leather Clutch in Black by Wilby really fits the bill.   Minimalist chic with an elegant gold chain strap, this clutch can easily go from day to night.

Faux Leather Clutch in Black by Wilby

I always feel that I need extra hands when I am out and about.  Whether I’m headed to work or doing my weekly grocery shopping, I seem to find myself with too much stuff, so having a cross body bag is essential.  Beyond Bags carries this great Faux Leather Zip Top Cross Body Bag by Noah.  This bag is made from micronappa, a high-quality microfibre material similar to nappa leather.  I love the sleek look of this bag and that it is functional without sacrificing good looks.

Faux Leather Zip Top Cross Body Bag in Black by Noah

All Images Source and Credit: Beyond Bags

So like I said earlier, Beyond Bags has a lot of bags to choose from.  I’ve barely scratched the surface here.  So if you are in the market for a fashionable, cruelty free bag, head on over and check out their great selection!

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