2017 Resolution #2 – Create More

Throughout my life, I’ve always dabbled with creating things.  As a kid I dreamed of being an artist spending hours with my mom’s cherished colored pencils, burying myself in countless sketchbooks.  I would constantly beg my parents for art supplies…especially those gummy erasers.  These were the ones that were my favorite.


We used to mold them into different things, rather than use them to actually erase anything…but I digress.  Later on in life I got into sewing and even had a short lived handbag company where I sold bags that I designed and made from vintage upholstery fabric.  Despite always being drawn to creating things, I never really felt like I belonged.  Although both of my parents were artistic, I was raised to be uber practical and focus on getting a good education and eventually a stable career.  Well, I did all that and you know what?  I have a great job but a soul that is hungry and needs to be fed.  I realize now that to be happy and fulfilled, I need to create.  So here are some ways in which I plan to create more in 2017!

Focus on Fashionvictimless


Can you believe that it’s been a year since I started Fashionvictimless.com?  I know that I can’t!  It took me so long to finally take the plunge into creating a blog.   I had been thinking about starting a blog for a while because I love to write, but I was never quite sure what I should write about.  I wanted to make sure that I was writing about something that people would be interested in and finally realized that my take on vegan fashion was worth sharing.  So, Fashionvictimless was born.  It is still in it’s infancy, but I have some new ideas for it in 2017.  I will continue to bring you all of the vegan fashion that you’ve come to expect from me but, in addition, I will also be working on some collaborations with other vegan fashionistas, writing a bit about other areas of interest that I have, and probably sharing way too many pics of my adorable animals…like these few here.

Let me introduce you to Wilson and Nixon, two tuxedo brothers that I adopted seven years ago.  At the time I was fostering a lot of cats/kittens and I had a single kitten that was super lonely.  I decided to go to Animal Care and Control (ACCT) here in Philadelphia and pick up another foster or two to keep her company.  I ended up picking Nixon and Wilson and fell in love.  Total foster failure.  They are both extremely sweet with big personalities…and big bodies to match.  Nixon is a sturdy 17lbs and Wilson is 23lbs…thus the nickname Biggie.  You can expect to see more of these big boys on my blog along with the rest of my fur crew.

Wilson, aka Biggie
Nixon and Wilson, aka Biggie

Dust off the Singer – I started sewing as a kid on my mom’s ancient singer and have been sewing on and off through the years.  I would say that I am a decent sewer, but not great.  I don’t really like sewing clothing because I don’t have the patience or skill for altering patterns to get the perfect fit.  Stuff I made always came off kinda wonky and never fit quite right.  I did like making things that didn’t require fittings such as throw pillows, curtains and handbags, but it’s been a while since I’ve really sewn anything.  So I decided for 2017 to dust off my trusty Singer and get back to sewing.  My first sewing project for the year is an idea I thought up for a 3D piece that involves dying fabric and sewing.  If it turns out as I envision it in my head, it will be a cool sculptural art piece.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

I’m not sure what other creative areas I will explore as part of my resolution #2, but I do know that I plan to wholly embrace my creative self.  Even if my attempts don’t turn out exactly how I planned, I will enjoy every bit of the process.


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