Vilma Handbags – Classic, Minimalist, Cruelty Free

I am a huge fan of Instagram.  Not only to share my own photos and photos of fabulous vegan fashion finds, but also to discover new vegan fashion.  Recently I stumbled across the account of Vilma Vegan Handbags and I felt that I just had to share with you their vegan handbag goodness!

Vilma makes affordable, high quality vegan handbags with materials that minimalize the impact on the environment and they use eco-friendly packaging.  Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?  Well, it looks even better…see for yourself!

Vilma’s Vegan Slouchy Clutch is a minimalist dream.  Simple, clean lines that make a big statement. Usually I don’t carry a clutch because I feel that it is a bit awkward because there is no handle, well not this clutch.  It comes with a convenient strap that is also central to the design of the bag.  Fashion and function, I like it.  Available in several colors from pale pink to a rich gold (pictured below) this bag has made me reconsider how I feel about clutches!

Vegan Slouchy Clutch in Gold

Who can’t use a good tote bag?  We all have stuff to tote around, why not do it in cruelty free style?  Enter the Colour Block Minimalist Tote Bag from Vilma.  With eye catching color blocking pattern, this bag really up the ante in the tote bag game.  It has an adjustable shoulder strap, snap closure and interior smart phone pocket and is available in three cool color combos.

Colour Block Minimalist Tote Bag in Green/Grey

So how do you find out about new vegan brands?  Instagram?  Pintrest?  Share your secrets with me…come on, we’re all friends here!


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