I’m Talkin’ Bout a Resolution

Yep, it’s that time of year.  Time for resolutions!  I’ve never been much for resolutions, but this year there have been several thoughts swimming around my head so I though, why not make some resolutions, and why not share them with you?

Now I know this post isn’t about vegan fashion, but I thought that I’d start sharing with you a little about me and my life.  I hope that by giving you a peek into who I am, I can start to meet some of you, my fabulous readers!  So here goes!

I have five resolutions that I want to focus on for 2017:

  1. Reduce waste
  2. Create more
  3. Make self care a priority
  4. Discover/explore every day
  5. Love fully

For today’s post, I am going to talk about resolution #1, how I plan to reduce waste.

I’ve always been an advocate for recycling, but recently came across Be Zero and their 30 Day Zero Waste Challenge and realized that although recycling is great, we can all make a bigger impact if we reduce the amount of waste we produce in the first place.  I’ve decided to incorporate some of Be Zero’s suggestions into my everyday life.  It’s going to be a challenge, but I’ve already started making changes in little ways which I know will add up.  Here are some of my first steps.

Just say no to Keurig! – A typical work day for me starts off by me arriving at my office and immediately going for my first cup of coffee.  Now, I do always make sure to use my favorite mug, instead of using the paper cups we have, however our coffee maker uses Keurig pods, most of which are not even recyclable.  So much waste!  I did discover that they do have reusable Keurig filters which I am looking into getting, but for now, I make my coffee at home with my delicious La Columbe beans and reusable coffee filter and bring it with me to work.  I’ll still use my favorite mug though!

Me and my favorite mug

Eat with reusable utensils – For both cost savings and health reasons, I try to always bring my lunch to work, but sometimes I forget my utensils and end up using plastic ones.  I do wash and reuse them, but I end up wastefully throwing them out at some point.  Well, no more because I purchased this awesome To-Go Ware Utensil Set from Herbivore Clothing Company.  This set comes with one spoon, fork, knife and two chop sticks, all constructed of durable and renewable bamboo. The utensil holder is made from recycled plastic bottles that were destined for the landfill.  I just keep them at my desk at work for when I need them!

To-Go Ware Utensil Set

Images Source and Credit: Herbivore Clothing Company

No more paper towels! (said in my best possible Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford voice) –  I don’t know about you, but I mindlessly grab for a paper towel for any and every spill in my kitchen or to clean up around the house.  With a house full of animals, one being a slobbery Saint Bernard, I was going through a lot of paper towels in just one day!  I did some research and found these great e-cloth Home Cleaning Cloths available from Reusit.  They offer this great starter pack that comes with four general purpose cloths that

…remove thick dirt, grease, oil, grime and over 99% of bacteria from all hard surfaces, using just water.

This pack also comes with a glass and polishing cloth that is for shiny surfaces such as windows, mirrors and stainless steel. So I’ve removed the paper towels from my kitchen counter and have replaced them with reusable cleaning cloths.  Not only will I be helping to save the environment with this switch, I’ll also be saving money by not having to buy paper towels all of the time.  Win, win!

e-cloth Home Cleaning Cloths

Images Source and Credit: Reusit


Bella my Saint Bernard – the drooler

These are just a few of the ways in which I am trying to help the environment by reducing the amount of waste I produce.  Do any of you have any other thoughts or recommendations?  I’m all ears!





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