Sweater Weather – I’ve Found the Perfect Vegan Sweater(s)!

When I first became vegan seven years ago, one of the things that I struggled with was finding a good cold weather sweater that wasn’t made with animal products. Well luckily for me (and you!) vegan fashion has come a long way and now there are some pretty fab vegan sweater options.  I am going to share with you today some of my favorites from vegan fashion powerhouse,  Vaute Couture.  All of Vaute’s sweaters are 100% vegan and made in NYC by a knitting machine that creates no waste.

The Reversible Crop Sweater is chic and cozy all rolled into one gorgeous sweater.  Made of recycled yarn from industrial waste cotton, the Reversible Crop Sweater is basically two sweaters in one!  And did you notice…it’s got thumb holes.  I’m sold.  Available in either black/ivory combo (below) or cloud/ivory combo.

Reversible Crop Sweater – Ivory side
Reversible Crop Sweater – black side

If you’d read some of my earlier posts, you will know that I love me some layers, so of course, I dig a good cardigan.  Check out the Anais Cardigan from Vaute.  This super chunky knit cardigan comes in black (below) and copper and is made from one piece of continuous yarn that is 80% recycled cotton, 20% cotton.

Anais Cardigan – front
Anais Cardigan – back

Super chunky.  Super cozy.  Super cute.  That’s Vaute’s Vegan Sweater Dress.  Throw it on over a pair of legging or tights and you’re good to go.  Available in ivory, apricot (shown) and black, this sweater is 100% vegan made in NYC from all cotton yarn.

Vegan Sweater Dress in apricot – front
Vegan Sweater Dress in apricot – back

For me, the ultimate sweater has always been a fisherman’s sweater.  I love the big, oversized, bulky knit.  Traditionally, fisherman’s sweaters were made from wool, but now Vaute Couture has one that is made from 100% recycled cotton and it is fabulous!  The Aran sweater is Vaute’s extra stylish version of a fisherman’s sweater.  Available in black (below), copper and cloud, this sweater is unisex so you may have to fight your boyfriend/girlfriend for it!

Aran Sweater in black – front
Aran Sweater in black – back

So no need to worry when the temperature drops because Vaute Couture has you covered with all sorts of cozy vegan sweater goodness.  The only thing you need now is some vegan hot chocolate and you are good to go!

Images Source and Credit: Vaute Couture

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