How Does Your Garden Grow? – Fall 2016 Floral Fashion Trend

Well, the horrid hot weather has finally left Philadelphia and it has me day dreaming about fall.  Fall is by far one of my favorite fashion seasons and I always anxiously anticipate what the new fashion trends will be.  One of the big trends for fall 2016 is flowers, flowers everywhere!  Floral patterns are big and can be found on dresses, jackets, pants and accessories, you name it!   I’ve always tended to gravitate towards solids and only dabble in patterns and rarely branch out into the world of floral…it could be from my unfortunate past that involved 80’s Laura Ashley, but that a story for another day.  Today’s florals are fresh and new and run the gamete from bohemian to modern and some have really caught my eye.  Check em out!

Let’s start with some party dresses!  I picked these two dresses because while being floral, they still have a lot of structure which I think is a nice contrast.  Both of these beauties are from Anthropologie and would look great at any wedding, brunch or even a work event when paired with a cute cardigan.

This flirty above the knee number is the Rose Garden Dress and I love the fitted bodice, V-neck and full skirt.  The lovely rose pattern gets a sophisticated punch with the dark black background.


Image Source and Credit: Anthropologie

I am in looooove with the Carolina Midi Dress.  First off, I think that the midi length is super chic.  Second, check out the details in the pattern on this dress.  The soft shell colored flowers are so subtle and a great contrast to the bold black flowers and chartreuse leaves.


Image Source and Credit: Anthropologie

You all know how much I love bomber jackets.  Heck, I did a whole post dedicated to them.  Well for fall 2016, the floral bomber is where it’s at.  Take a look at these three beauties below.  All from Topshop and all super fab.

This first beauty is the Ribbon Embellished Airtex Bomber.  The flowers on this white mesh jacket are carefully construced from ribbons which gives it a really high quality look and feel.  It reminds me of a lovely piece of blue and white china.


Image Source and Credit: TOPSHOP

If you want a bold all over splash of floral, the Floral Bomber Jacket is for you.  The floral pattern is bright and playful and will lift your spirits the moment you put it on as you envelop yourself in your own personal fashion garden.


Image Source and Credit: TOPSHOP

The Floral Embroidered Bomber Jacket has lovely embroidered bouquets of flowers on the chest and arms.  With the combo of the black bomber jacket and delicate florals, this jacket is the perfect mix of sugar and spice.TS62R38JBLK_Zoom_F_1

Image Source and Credit: TOPSHOP

If you want to take the floral trend to the next level, then you have to take it all the way down to your footwear.

These Victorian Flowers boots are from Doc Martin.  They are made of a woven canvas upper and I am certain they would’ve been by Andy from Pretty in Pink, which is the best movie ever says this die hard 80’s/John Hughes fan.


Image Source and Credit: DOCMARTIN

I love a good high top year round, but tend to wear them the most in the fall and winter months.  These floral bad boys from Nasty Gal are made by Vans and add some softness to your high top game. Note that I could not confirm the material of the stripe on these sneakers, whether or not they are leather.


Image Source and Credit: Nasty Gal

So as the temperatures continue you to drop and the summer starts to fade away, go and grab some of these fabulous floral fashions to surround yourself with all sorts of flowery goodness.

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