The Perfect Headband – Happy Soul Handmade

When I am working out or when the temperature goes over 90 degrees, I usually wear my hair up and throw on a headband to catch the sweat and keep my hair in place.  I have struggled over the years to find a headband that will stay comfortably on my head, not slip off, and not be so tight that it causes me to get a headache.  Well I am very happy to say that I have finally found the perfect headband!  Introducing Happy Soul Handmade.   This Etsy store is the crafty brain child of my dear friend Lindsay Brown, who decided to start making her own headbands because as she put it,

Always on the hunt for that perfect piece to tame my flyaways while making my workouts as cute as possible, I decided to stop wasting money at race expos and retail stores and start making my own.

Well I am really glad she did, as are several other satisfied customers!

It has been extremely hot here in Philadelphia these past several weeks, and I’ve been wearing my hair up just about every single day.  I was thrilled to try out my new Happy Soul Handmade headband in the Feathers Black pattern this past weekend!

Me wearing my Happy Soul Handmade Black Feathers pattern headband

I wore it all day long and actually forgot I had it on.  That’s how comfortable this headband is people.  Plus, it is super cute and….it’s vegan!  Yep!  All of Happy Soul Handmade’s headbands are vegan.  It just doesn’t get much better than that, does it?  Well yes, actually it does because there are all sort of cool patterns to choose from!  Check out some of my favorites!

Herringbone Rust – top
Herringbone Rust – side
Black Square – top
Black Square – side
Animal Multi – top
Animal Multi – side

There are a ton more cool, colorful patterns available and Lindsay is constantly adding new ones!  Have kids and want them to look as stylin’ as you?  No problem, Happy Soul Handmade also makes kids sizes!

Whether you want to look fashionable for your workout or just running around town, these headbands can help you do that all while staying cool and comfortable.  So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Etsy and check out Happy Soul Handmade for yourself!  Your head will thank you.

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