Recycling Made Fashionable – Reclaim Bags

As the saying goes, some people’s trash is another’s treasure.  Well, let me introduce you to a fabulous fashion treasure, Reclaim Bags.  Founded in 2012, this British based brand uses recycled inner tubes to create stylish, vegan handbags. Every bag is individually hand crafted so that each one is unique.  According to Sophie Postma, the designer behind this innovative company,

“The concept behind the brand is to produce a sustainable range of handbags and accessories that will change people’s perceptions of recycled products and test the limits of re-use.”

I am a big believer in recycling, especially when the end result is so cool.  Check out some of the SS16 line from Reclaim Bags and see for yourself.

Amp up your everyday bucket bag with Reclaim Bags’ Large Oden II.  This bag puts a funky twist on a classic with it’s recycled rubber exterior and rockin’ fringe detail.

The Large Oden


Keeping on the fringe theme (I loooove me some fringe), take a look at the Square Aida Clutch Tassel bag.  This is a nice sized clutch bag with a magnetic clasp and rubber fold over to close….and fringe.  Did I mentioned I liked fringe?

The Square Aida Clutch Tassel


Ok, so I realize that everyone may not like fringe as much as I do, so for those of you who fall into this category, here is the simply chic Mini Aida Clutch.  This clutch is a bit smaller than the Square Aida Clutch Tassel bag, but still roomy enough for all of your essentials.

The Mini Aida Clutch

So maybe you’re not in the market for a new handbag but really want to help the environment and look stylish at the same time, well Reclaim Bags has the perfect thing for you.  The  Small Aida Purse is a compact bag with a magnetic clasp and rubber fold over closure that is the perfect wallet size.

The Small Aida

Reclaim Bags has a variety of other designs available so if you are interested in helping to save the environment  these bags are a fashionable way to do it!


Images source and credit for all images: Reclaim Bags

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