The C.A.T. Clutch – When Technology and Fashion Collide

Ever feel like you just don’t have the right purse for your outfit but don’t have time or money to go out to get a new one?  Well my lovely vegan friends, fret no longer.  Let me introduce you to the super cool, versatile C.A.T. clutch. This clutch was created by C.A.T. – Creative Arts & Technology and it combines fashion with technology in a fresh new way.  By using a LED application, you can pick and choose the design of your bag and change it with an app on your phone.  You can use preloaded pixel art images or personalize your bag with your own pixel art animation or text messages.  So if you change your outfit, you can change your C.A.T. clutch to coordinate.  Heck, you can even change your C.A.T. clutch to match your mood!

In addition to being an innovative approach to a fashion accessory, the C.A.T. clutch is also practical and convenient.  The bag is the perfect size to fit you phone, cash/credit cards/id, and has a special slot for your lipstick.  A large mirror is attached to the inside top of the clutch which is super convenient.  Best of all, this bad boy comes with a built in phone charger!  There is nothing worse in my book than being out and about and your phone dies.  The C.A.T. clutch has 10 – 12 hours of continuous use battery life that you can re-charge with a USB charger at the end of the night.

Available in gold glitter, pearl white marble, blue marble, and one more style to be selected by our community acrylic casing the LED design options for this bag are limitless!  Check out a few!


The C.A.T. clutch is currently available for pre-order with an expected ship date of October, 2016. That gives you plenty of time to get together all sorts of cool images and sassy text messages that you want to display.

Images source and credit for all images: C.A.T.

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