CMPLT UNKNWN – Edgy, Ethical and Sustainable Handbags

Art is fashion and fashion is art.  The line between the two is often blurred which is what I personally think makes for really good fashion.  The kind of fashion that forces you to think differently or simply makes you just stop and stare.  This to me is what CMPLT UNKNWN is all about.

A vegan handbag brand born in 2015, CMPLT UNKNWN was founded on “…passion, beauty, art, poetry, rock n roll, ethics, craftsmanship and unique design.”  Their bags are quite simply, pieces of art.  They use the highest quality products to produce edgy, rock n roll inspired clutches, from the imported black vegan nappa leather or Italian vegan leather lame to the high-quality nylon lining.  All of the embroidery on CMPLT UNKNWN bags is done by hand and each clutch is assembled and stitched by hand as well.  The end result is a marriage between luxury and sustainability all created with fair, ethical practices, an important facet of the mission of CMPLT UNKWN.

The CMPLT UNKWN name intrigued me and I and was curious as to where it came from, so I reached out to Afshan, the founder of the company to find out where she came up with it.  Like a Rolling Stone, the classic song by Bob Dylan is where Afshan got the inspiration for CMPLT UNKWN.  She felt that it rang true to her passion to “create extremely.”  I love that idea of creating extremely and grabbing on to something that you believe in and making it happen in the most beautiful way possible.  Take a look at a few of her amazing creations below and I think you will agree with me that CMPLT UNKWN did just that.

This first clutch I am featuring is from the Femme Fatale Collection.  The Safety Pins clutch is a straight forward clutch covered in individually hand embroidered silver metal wire safety pins.  Made from high-quality vegan nappa leather, this clutch is nice and roomy and has a convenient inside pocket for your ID, credit cards and cash.  I totally dig the old school, Sid and Nancy, punk rock vibe that you get with this clutch.

Silver Safety Pins
Silver Safety Pins
Like a moth to a flame I have always been drawn to the way that the light bounces and plays off shiny, reflective surfaces, giving them new life and dimension.  The Mad Metal line take shine and amps it up by pairing it with intense colors and textures.  The Turq Croco is one of my absolute favorites from this line.  Made from gorgeous turquoise vegan metallic croc embossed leather with gold coated brass spikes, this bag packs a visual punch. I love the idea of making this bag the star of your outfit, paired with a classic little black dress or mixing it up with a pair of jeans and a white button down.
Turq Croco
Turq Croco

I am always appreciative of people and companies that strive to bring back true craftsmanship.  In a time where fast fashion is picking up speed, the beauty and quality associated with hand crafting really stands out.  All of the bags from CMPLT UNKNWN are handmade with the Animal Nitrate line featuring hand embroidery by artisans in Lucknow, India and sewn in Kolkata, West Bengal. By producing these designs, they are

…resuscitating an industry that has produced some of the most sophisticated works of embroidery for the attire of Kings and adorned walls of royal tents, scabbards, wall hangings, and the paraphernalia of regal elephants and horses.

The end result is absolutely stunning as you can see in the Wasp clutch below.  Each wasp is hand embroidered with metal wire onto luxurious vegan nappa leather.  Like all of the Mad Metal bags, this bag has gold coated brass spikes of varying sizes are attached by hand in the side seams.

Wasp Goldblack
Wasp Goldblack

I’ve given you just a little taste of some of the bags that CMPLT UNKNWN has available.  There are many additional colors and designs, one more beautiful and edgy than the next, making it difficult to choose just one.  Regardless of which bag you choose, you can be guaranteed that when you make a purchase from CMPLT UNKNWN you are supporting a conscious brand that is setting a standard for a new kind of luxury.

Images source and credit for all images: CMPLT UNKNWN

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