The Purple Buddha Project – Jewelry with a Message and a Mission

I was recently contacted by Forrest Curran founder of the Purple Buddha Project to help get the word out about the good work that they are doing and help get support for their Indiegogo campaign. 

Purple Buddha Project bangles

 Throughout the lands in Laos, bombs are still scattered about, which with the current rate of international support and partnerships by governments, will take another 800 years to fully de-mine the country according to analysts. Bombs were dropped on Laos every eight minutes, twenty-four hours a day, for nine years; or the equivalent of 1000lb for every Laotian man, woman, and child. The modern day problem stems from the fact that 30% of what was dropped on the country, failed to detonate, and is presently alive underground. As one of the most bombed countries in the world, this prevents the population from expanding their land for agricultural use, in fear of what lies beneath. Many farmers support their livelihood through substance farming, self-sufficient farming focusing on growing enough food to feed themselves and their family, however due to the tragic past, even this remains a hardship for the people presently. There is clear under-utilization and lack of efficiency in the use of the land due to the present situation, which prevents growth in even the most basic and fundamental economic factors.



The Purple Buddha Project is trying to bring awareness to these issues through up cycling plane parts, bullet shells, bombshell fins, and other remains of war into beautiful jewelry each of which is embedded with a powerful message. Each jewelry piece is created by an artisan employed by a local artisan group and every purchase contributes a donation of nine meals to schools that sponsor disadvantaged children of Southeast Asia to attend school free of cost.

Purple Buddha Project ring
Purple Buddha Project necklace









This month, the Purple Buddha Project is holding an Indiegogo campaign where they are selling their jewelry to help fund their efforts.  If you are interested in supporting the Purple Buddha Project, you can find their Indiegogo campaign here


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