Angela Roi and ASPCA – Collaborating to Help the Animals

I had the pleasure of traveling to New York City this past Saturday to attend Vernal Vibes, an event hosted by vegan handbag brand Angela Roi to learn more about their products and their collaboration with the ASPCA.  Being that I am vegan, into fashion and a huge animal advocate, when I got invited to this event I just knew I had to go.


We were greeted with wine and cupcakes, both vegan and non-vegan, and walls filed with beautiful, cruelty-free handbags.  Several other bloggers were in attendance and Angela herself was there to greet all of us and to give us some insight into the Angela Roi brand.  Founded by Angela Lee and Roi Lee, the idea for creating luxury vegan handbags grew out of the couple’s love for animals and shared passion for fashion. Taking their commitment to helping animals one step further, Angela Roi recently partnered with the ASPCA.  As stated on their website:

 We not only agree but advocate ASPCA’s belief of animals being entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans. In the quest of making the world a kinder place for animals, Angela Roi stands strongly with the ASPCA. We will donate a portion of our sales to help mistreated animals and to convey that fashion doesn’t depend on cruelty.

In addition to supporting animal welfare, Angela Roi also pays special attention to making sure that their products are made in factories that support a quality working environment and a fair wage for all of their employees.  All sorts of good going on here people.  I love it.

Know what else I love?  All of the Angela Roi handbags!  The designs are both fashionable and classic and the materials and construction are high quality.  Now enough talking…let me show you some of the bags!

The Moa tote is a sophisticated vegan bag that lets you carry all of your everyday essentials in style.  The word Moa in Korean means “gathering meaningful things” which I think is so fitting for this lovely carry all which is available in several colors and a few lovely two tone options.  Light grey is featured below.


moalightgrey5_1024x1024I have always been a fan of the bucket bag. It’s a tote with a twist that can go from the office to a night out on the town to the beach.  The Jules by Angela Roi is quintessential bucket bag.  Big and roomy this bag also comes with a convenient detachable pouch for change and ID.  Available is several different colors, my favorite is the versatile and chic beige version below.

100JulesBeige_1024x1024julesbeige4_1024x1024The cross-body bag is such a great style for those of us who always seem to need an extra set of hands.  The convenient strap allows you to carry all of your things while being hands free.  The Morning from Angela Roi is a lovely vegan cross-body bag with a fold over flap with magnetic closer and a top zipper so you call tool around town worry free because all of your things are safely secured inside.  Below is the mustard color which I think is so fresh and a great color for this SS16 season.



Angela Roi has other vegan handbag designs available that I highly recommend that you check out.  They are all classic and beautifully made and best of all, cruelty-free.  Remember, a portion of Angela Roi’s sales will go directly to the ASPCA to help animals in need.  As if you needed another reason to go out and grab up one of these fabulous bags!

Images source and credit for all images: Angela Roi

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