Luca Chiara – Unleather Accessories

In today’s fast-paced, technology driven world, I find that it is becoming commonplace to hear about new and different ways that people are stealing your information.  Whether it be email scams or data bases with credit card information being hacked, thieves are getting more creative every day. The latest scam that I have come across is people stealing information from a distance from the digitally-coded computer chips on credit cards, ATM cards and passports.  I don’t know about you, but this freaks me out and I want to do whatever I can to protect myself and my information…but where to start?  Well, let me introduce you to Luca Chiara, a New York based company that specializes in high quality, PETA approved, vegan accessories, some of which will help you protect you and your information.  Sounds pretty awesome, right?!

The lovely folks at Luca Chiara sent me two of their wallets to test out and review, both of which are made with radio frequency identification (RFID) protection which blocks unauthorized credit card copying, computer-chip access and other cyber banking crimes which may unknowingly occur from a distance.  How does Luca Chiara do this you ask?  Well, they line all of their wallets and passport holders with a thin sheet of steel which protects your information while still keeping the products soft, flexible and thin.  The best part?  The wallets are also super functional and stylish.  Come see for yourself!

The first wallet that I tested out was the Isabella in this great red/black vegan leather combo.  Let me just say, I love this wallet.  The vegan leather is soft with a great, subtle texture and the construction is top notch.  All of the seams are stitched, not glued, so I can already tell that the Isabella will stand up to the wear and tear that I put all of my wallets through.  My favorite thing about this wallet is how functional it is.  It has several credit card slots, places for cash, a zipper pocket for change, and two external pockets.  I put all of my things into the Isabella, and trust me, I carry a ton of stuff, and everything fit neatly into the wallet and somehow managed to still remain nice and slim.  This wallet also comes in a nylon/vegan leather combo available in a variety of colors.

Isabella in black/red – exterior


Isabella in black/red – interior










The Philamenia is a wallet/clutch that comes in black/black, black/navy, and black/brown color combinations.  I was lucky enough to get a black/black version sent to me to try out because you know me…I’m all about black.  This bag is a handbag and wallet all in one.  Made from water resistant nylon and embossed herringbone vegan leather, it is a great compact size but large enough to carry your essentials for a night out on the town.  With convenient sections for your credit cards, cash and a large center zip compartment for your change, this bag not only looks good, but it gets the job done.  I’ve taken the Philamenia out with me to dinner on a few occasions and have gotten several compliments.  This really is a good looking bag!

The Philamenia in black/black – front


The Philamenia in black/black – back










I am so excited to share some news with you my friends.  Luca Chiara is now offering the Philamenia for $19.50!  Yep, you read that right!  They are giving a huge discount on this lovely vegan bag.  Did I happen to mention how nice the folks at Luca Chiara are?

To entice you even more (I know, how is that even possible?!), Luca Chiara also offers gorgeous bags, iPad cases and shoes for men and women.  All vegan, all beautifully crafted and designed.  Now that I’ve had the chance to sample a few of their items, I know I will definitely be checking out their other products as well and I hope you will too.

Images source and credit for all images: Luca Chiara

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