G-Star RAW for the Oceans

Growing up in the Midwest, I grew up going to lakes and I didn’t get to see the ocean until  I was 20.  I was living with my cousin in North Jersey for the summer and we went to Sandy Hook on a hot summer day.  I was immediately drawn to it and frightened at the same time.  I had this strange fear that I was going to be pulled under by a rip tide or eaten by a great white shark.  I guess this is what happens when you grow up in middle America and watch too much television.  Despite these fears, I felt such a connection to the ocean.  Though I think most people probably experience similar feelings, this felt so intimate and personal.  Like the timing of the waves were directly linked to my heart beat.

Oceans are the lifeblood of planet Earth and humankind. They flow over nearly three-quarters of our planet, and hold 97% of the planet’s water. They produce more than half of the oxygen in the atmosphere, and absorb the most carbon from it.  All forms of life are being harmed by the destruction of the oceans.  There is currently six times more plastic than sea life in our oceans, a truly devastating fact.  There is a glimmer of hope though, and it looks pretty fabulous.

Enter RAW for the Oceans, a collaborative project retrieving plastic from our ocean shorelines and transforming it into denim.   RAW for the Oceans was born out of Parley, a collaboration platform where creators, thinkers and leaders come together to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans and co-create projects that can end their destruction. Parley brought together G-Star, Bionic Yarn and the Sea Shepherd Conversation Society. The three are now committed to beginning a movement to rid our oceans of plastic waste.

So, how the heck do they turn plastic into denim?  Well, let me tell you!  The plastic is collected from the ocean, cleaned, broken into chips and then shredded into fibers.  These fibers are spun into Bionic yarn which is then woven to make the RAW for the Oceans fabric.  Pretty cool, huh? Here are some of their ocean friendly fashions.

The Occotis 3301 Jacket is not your everyday denim jacket.  Besides being made from ocean plastic, this jacket has a more fitted shape that is super flattering and a bold statement on the back to call to others to help save our oceans.


The Occotis 5620 G-Star Elwood 3D Boyfriend Jean is one of the coolest pairs of jeans around.  Not just because it helps to save our oceans, but also check out the detail on these bad boys!  Made with G-Star’s 3D technique, these jeans have a unique paneled construction fashioned after the molded jeans worn by motorcyclists that become formed to their legs from longtime exposure to the elements.


If you are looking for a great everyday jean, the Occotis 3301 Boyfriend 7/8 Jean is for you.  Available in both light wash and black, these jeans are classic boyfriend style jeans that will quickly become your the jean you go to each time you reach into your closet.


So it may not seem like much, buying a pair of jeans made from recycled ocean plastic, but every little bit counts.  I am a firm believer that if each one of us were to make a change to help the environment, the world will get better.  It has to.  It’s the only one we’ve got.

Images source and credit for all images: G-Star


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