Put a Lid On It – Mechaly Part Duex

A few weeks back I introduced you to vegan fashion brand, Mechaly.  In that post I focused on their fabulous vegan hand bags, but I promised more.  Well, here you go!  Mechaly has more to offer than just handbags, they also have some of the most stylish hats around.  All vegan and PETA approved, of course!

To me, nothing exudes confidence more than a woman wearing a hat.  I’m not talking your “bad hair day” baseball hat or knit cap, I’m talking full on fashion topper.  Think fedora or wide brimmed floppy sun hat.  Now, trying to find stylish hats made out of vegan materials other than straw has always been challenging, so what’s a vegan fashionista to do?  Fret no longer ladies, Mechaly is here with some fabulous vegan hats to save the day!

With a studded brim, the Haden is a classic fedora with a rock and roll vibe.  This bad boy is available in both grey and black.

image1 (00A)
The Haden

Shade yourself in style with the wide brimmed Madison hat.  Available in burgundy, black and beige so you can have a Madison to go with every outfit if that’s your thing.

image1 (008)
The Madison

If your not ready to rock a big wide brim, the Homburg is the hat for you.  It has a nice, mid sized brim and structured top and comes in both black and grey.

image1 (009)
The Homburg

Mechaly has several additional hats on their site to choose from and I am sure that you will find one that suits you best.  One thing is for sure, no matter which hat you choose, you can be guaranteed that it will be vegan and stylish!

Images source and credit for all images: Mechaly

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