Vegan Good Life

As a teenager there were two things that I was obsessed with, Duran Duran and fashion.  My fantasy of marrying John Taylor (he’s the bass player for Duran Duran for you of younger generations out there) was clearly unobtainable, however I could realize my fashion dreams through the glossy pages of fashion magazines.   Vogue, Elle, Glamor, Harper’s Bazzar, W, Women’s Wear Daily. These magazine were my connection to an exciting world far, far away from my mundane Midwestern existence.  Instead of getting candy in my Christmas bucket (yes, we had buckets, not stockings. I guess you can get more into a bucket?) I would be blessed with shiny, sleek fashion magazines filled with ideas and inspiration.

Fast forward into my adult life.  I am now a vegan and I still love fashion, but the traditional fashion magazines have lost some of their luster.   They are filled with images of leather, fur, wool, and feathers and articles touting how you can loose weight by eating dairy or become healthy by consuming bone broth.  As much as I love the fashion, I cannot look past the cruelty that is inherently part of this industry and thus, being highlighted in these magazines.  Enter Vegan Good Life.  A vegan fashion magazine.  Yep, you read that right.  Vegan. Fashion. Magazine.  OK, just to be clear, Vegan Good Life is really more than a fashion magazine, I just get really excited about the fashion part.  This magazine also has great features on lifestyle, travel, art and design.  As Vegan Good life describes it, “this is a countercultural print publication for the ethically beautiful”.  I love that.


Created in Germany, Vegan Good Life recently released its third issue which is printed in both German and English.  The images are breathtaking.  The interviews and articles are intriguing and informative.  Steve O is one of the features in the current issue where he talks about his journey to veganism and his recent arrest for protesting Sea World.  The magazine printed two separate covers for issue #3, one featuring a haunting image of a model wearing a rabbit mask made by artist Steve Wintercroft and the other featuring Steve O.

image1 (004)


There is another section that I really enjoyed titled “Vegan Influencers” that introduces the reader to a designer, two boutique owners, and a journalist who are all working to make the world a better place through promoting veganism in their own unique ways. They are all women, by the way, which makes it that much cooler.

I think that my favorite thing about this magazine is that everything revolves around veganisim.  The articles, the ads, the clothes, shoes, and accessories that the models are wearing, they are all vegan.  And just in case you are wondering, the fashion is fabulous.  Vegan fashion has come a long way baby!


There is a lot more in issue #3 of Vegan Good Life, but I don’t want to spoil it all for you.  Go to their site, order a copy and discover all that this great magazine has to offer.  I am already itching for issue #4.

Images source and credit for all images: Vegan Good Life

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