Blue Hour Designs

I am like a kid in a candy store when I am shopping on Etsy.  So many great vendors, such cool merchandise. I really have to practice some serious restraint every time I visit.  I have a problem…for real.  I recently discovered Blue Hour Designs and let me tell you, that did not help my problem.  No siree bob.

Based out of Boulder, Colorado, Blue Hour Designs is the brain child of Alysia Sanchez Melnikov who makes beautiful handcrafted jewelry out of silver, brass, copper and white and yellow gold.  Her designs are simple and modern with an attention to detail.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite items in her shop.

I recently purchased the Compass bracelet and I love it, so sweet and simple.

Compass bracelet

Image Source and Credit: Blue Hour Designs

Here I am wearing it stacked up with some other bracelets and my watch.  I could definitely see buying a few of these and stacking them up even more.


Blue Hour Designs has several really cool bracelet designs that I recommend you check out, like the Ceres, the Relic and the Union.  All beautifully made and super chic.

There are a lot more items available than just bracelets.  I’ve been coveting these Web hoop earrings for a while now.

Web hoop earrings

Image Source and Credit: Blue Hour Designs

I also have these small silver scoop earrings which I love.  They are a great pair of every day earrings with nice texture to add a bit of visual interest. They come in a few different sizes and are available in silver and brass.

Small silver scoop earrings

Image Source and Credit: Blue Hour Designs

Here I am sporting the larger size in sterling sliver.


Blue Hour Designs also has a nice selection of rings. The Monoliths ring is a favorite of mine and is on my ever growing list of items that I want from this shop.  You can never have too much jewelry….right?

Monoliths ring

Image Source and Credit: Blue Hour Designs

I always like to support small businesses, and so should you!  Check out Blue Hour Designs on Etsy and have fun exploring all of Alysia’s amazing creations!

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