The NAU Synner Cape

I didn’t include the this great vegan find in my recent post about down alternatives because I felt that it needed a post all its own. NAU is a company out based in Portland, Oregon that “…designs sustainable and modern clothing that protects you in every environment, from the forest floor to the wilds of the city.”  I am not doing a feature on the company as they are not vegan, however I thought that the Synner Cape needed to be shared.

This cape is actually more of a coat/poncho and is made of resistant recycled poly with sustainable synthetic insulation and comes in either caviar (black) or pesto (green).

Synner Cape in caviar – front

Image Source and Credit: NAU


Synner Cape in caviar – back

Image Source and Credit: NAU

I think I would feel like a flying squirrel in this coat and run around with my wings out all of the time.  What….you wouldn’t?

Synner Cape in pesto – front

Image Source and Credit: NAU

Synner Cape in pesto – back

Image Source and Credit: NAU

The other nice thing about NAU is that 2% of your purchase will go to a “Partners for Change” of your choice.  Per NAU’s website they donate “…to these organizations that are doing the critically important work of helping create leaders, accelerating the role of environmentalism, building economies, and focusing on ways to improve human health. When it comes to sustainability, we have to think beyond the products we make and look to the many ways we can help support how the world survives and thrives.”  Pretty nice, huh!?

So here is yet another fabulous coat to keep you warm and chic during these cold winter days and nothing is more fashionable than compassion.

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