The beauty of the brogue

The brogue shoe has been around for quite some time. Distinguished by a perforated pattern on top, the brogue was originally intended to be worn as an outdoor work shoe for men. Well, much has changed over the years and there are now several variations on the traditional brogue. Below are some great vegan takes on this classic menswear shoe.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a lot of success finding cool, affordable vegan shoes on ASOS.  They have several styles of vegan brogues, here are a few of my favorites.

These are their “Make Waves” brogues.  At just $43 they are really affordable and with their patent shine, they have a stylish twist. I particularly like the silver pair.


Image Source and Credit: ASOS

Also from ASOS is the “Metric” brogue.  Available in two colors, this version of a brogue is a bit chunky with heavy duty loop eyelets.  The oxblood color is currently on sale for $32.50!


Image Source and Credit: ASOS

ASOS has a additional styles of vegan brogues on their site right now.  If this is something you are in the market for, make this site your first stop!

This next pair of brogues is from ZARA.  They are a rich brown color with a extra thick, chunky sole.  Sizes are limited as these bad boys are currently on sale for $19.99 down from $99.90.   So what are you waiting for?  Go grab a pair!image

Image Source and Credit: ZARA

Last but not least are these fabulous brogues from Beyond Skin.  If you don’t know about Beyond Skin, you should.  They are an amazing U.K. based all vegan shoe company with incredibly stylish shoes.  They have two different versions of the brogue, the Lucy and the Albi.





Image Source and Credit: Beyond Skin

The only difference between the two styles is a subtle difference in the top stitching detail and number of eyelets.  Both come in gold, pewter and black patent with the Lucy also available pre-order in silver.  Certain colors currently on sale.

So you can see that there are lots of vegan options for beautiful brogues.  If you have other places where you have found cute, stylish, vegan brogues, do tell!  Share your stories in the comments section.  Now go forth and shop!


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