Cold? Meh. I ain’t afraid of no cold.

I am originally from Michigan, so cold weather is something I am accustomed to. I actually like when it is chilly outside because it is an opportunity for me to pile on layer after layer.  And scarves!  I LOVE me some scarves. So when the temperatures drop, like they are doing in Philly right now, I get excited to bundle up!


I am always looking for new and interesting scarves that are vegan.  Recently I discovered this fantastic deconstructed linen scarf from xyCassils and I love it!  Not only is it so chic and edgy because of the raw edges throughout the scarf, but it is also warm!  It is made from a really nice medium weight linen, and comes in some great colors.  I got black, of course.  You can see more detail of the scarf in the photo below.


As you can see by the photo, this scarf is pretty big.  When I got my scarf originally, it wasn’t as long as I had really wanted, but I still liked it, so thought I would keep it and make due.  Michelle, the lovely owner of xyCassils, contacted me to see if I liked my purchase.  I informed her that I loved the scarf, but just wished it was a bit longer.  Michelle instantly offered to create me a new longer scarf to replace my existing scarf.  She even gave me a credit to ship back the original scarf.  Now that is some customer service people.  Go check out her etsy shop and find out for yourself!  In the mean time, bundle up, stay chic and keep it kind.





2 thoughts on “Cold? Meh. I ain’t afraid of no cold.

  1. What a great idea for a blog!! Brilliant name too. I love it so far, I’ll definitely be following your blog Claire 🙂


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