Business attire doesn’t have to be boring.

For my job, I often have to wear business suits. This can get a bit boring and mundane, so I try to add some interest to my outfit by using big, bold accessories.


I picked up this great necklace from Lost and Found, a sweet little boutique in the Olde City section of Philly.  I love the texture of this piece and the overall industrial look and feel. Lost and Found has a great selection of clothing and accessories at really affordable prices.  I highly recommend checking them out if you are ever in Philly.

The sweater that I am wearing underneath is vegan and is from Zara…and I love it. You can find a lot of great vegan pieces from Zara, you just have to take the time to check the product composition. One of the things that I particularly like about this sweater is the details on the sleeve.   It adds a nice bit of visual interest.


For full disclosure here, the suit I am wearing is a wool blend.  It is an old suit that I purchased before I knew the cruelty behind wool production (more on this below).  I am always in the market for business suits that are completely free from animal products, but also stylish, which has proven to be challenging.  I am still searching and will happily share with all of you when I find it!

I’d like to take a brief moment to discuss why wool is not vegan.  Many people think that there is nothing wrong with wool because you are not killing the animal in order to procure the wool.  That is what I thought until I learned about “mulesing”.  Google it.  Fair warning though,  it is horrific and you will not like what you see. In addition to mulesing, the way in which sheep are handled in the sheering process is  extremely cruel and abusive.   So this, my friends, is why I try to avoid purchasing clothing made with wool.

So don’t let the fact that you may have to wear a suit to work keep you from rocking your individual style and being haute with a heart!


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