Menswear inspired minimalist oxfords

Back to work today after being off for the Martin Luther King holiday. It is cold here in Philadelphia so I am bundled up and wearing socks.

Yes, that is unusual for me, to wear socks. I just don’t like how they look with a lot of shoes, so I tend to go without, but not today.

Today I wore these great menswear inspired minimalist oxfords. I love the pointy toe, elastic band closure and white detail on the sole. Of course these bad boys are vegan and I got them online at ASOS which is a great resource for vegan fashion. You will be seeing them featured a lot on my blog.

And yes, that is some sort of animal fur on my black pants.  Cat fur?  Dog fur?  Probably a bit of both. I am the proud parent of nine rescue animals, but that is a story for another post. Needless to say, I have lint brushes at home, in my car, at my work, in my purse….you get the picture.

Off to brave the cold!  Ta ta for now!

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